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Several readers (and others who found my blog via numerous searches) have complained to me for several months about a site known as "My Web Cam " This domain, among several others (,,,, many, many more), is being spammed via MSN Messenger and Yahoo Instant Messenger in much the same way that the renowned "Slick Cams" webcam dating sites were spammed since 2007.

(Slick Cams is part of a very large number of companies and properties owned and operated by Flying Croc, who have a history that dates back several years of malicious adult-content spamming of one sort or another, but predominantly via MSN Messenger.) It turns out that Flying has never stopped this practice, and appears to now control a large variety of similar adult webcam dating sites and affiliate programs, with no intention of stopping the ongoing practice of spamming total strangers (and probably minors) with automated MSN chat sessions promoting webcam porn dating sites.

At first it was assumed that this particular spammer was engaging in this malicious activity on behalf of only one webcam affiliate program.

It turns out: he / they are doing this on behalf of at least two distinct affiliate programs, but probably more.

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