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The "under the hood" stuff is left to the "unconscious."When I “talk” online about intelligence, cognition, rationality, as being the smallest part of the work of being human (esp.

when one is considering the whole body to be a source and destination of neural information: the little bit that tells you you’re standing upright, the gut signals of wariness), I sometimes get hooted down by a certain kind of person.

I thought the idea was a little odd, actually, before I tried one. Good to know before you start: Sometimes vanilla bean can be substituted with vanilla extract. Skim that off, and heat the portion that you want to serve.

Don’t use over ripened fruit unless you enjoy the feeling of something disintegrating in your hands.

Thinking is driving a car without knowing what each part is doing or even that they exist.

No need for that because all conscious attention needs to be focused on the road.

I found this recipe in a book that my mother gave me, , which is available on and If surveyed, they say they want to eliminate dust, potholes and chickens.The power infrastructure produces “dirty” electricity and every now and then there’s a “brownout” that destroys some machines -- fridge, computers.He KNOWS that humans are better than animals only because of language and KNOWS he is better than other humans because he has a Ph. In some places we haven’t progressed much beyond Victorian Vienna, except to cast sexier actors in their stories. So these new NIMH/RDo C categories arrived at by the “best and brightest” of the academic and institutional psych world, by going to the basic level and working up, are threatening some of the standing order. We’ve sort of backed into taking into account the evidence from neurology research because of realizing that our thinking strategies leave big holes in reality, sometimes blanks that far more “primitive” people can fill in with no trouble.This work is entirely and dangerously like the astronomical rethinking by Copernicus and Galileo.