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Twain wrote in 1868, "Of all the beautiful towns it has been my fortune to see this is the chief." Today, Hartford is one of the poorest cities in the nation, with 3 out of every 10 families living below the poverty line.

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No guarantee is made concerning its safety or fitness for use in any firearm.

While living at Spencer House I took my GED test but never received it. Thank you I am looking for my transcripts to a school I attended in Honolulu 1969-1971. I just have my grandmother's name and the dates that the birth fell between. I had a name change in 1994 and I need to get the name change decree with the SEAL on it. I don't have the CASE number since is was so long ago ..

I was wondering how I can find my GED or test results. I am needing something with our address on it when we lived in Lawton, Oklahoma when I was in grade school or my sister who was in High School at the time. The school was called Electronics Institute of Hawaii and I later found out it was bought out by Honolulu Business College, but they also went out of business. I called the Pomona Superior court and was redirected to contact the superior court in L.

Galligan (R); Steve Gates (D); Wally Irish (R); Sarah L. Kissmann (D) Manchester was settled by colonists around 1672 as a farming community, although at the time it was known just as Orford Parish (the name that can be found on the memorial to the Revolutionary soldiers from the town).

The Pitkin Glassworks operated from 1783-1830 as the first successful glassworks in Connecticut.