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Renner assures me he’s happy to be here and talk about his new movie, , who stumbled onto the insidious origins of the crack-cocaine epidemic in the 1980s during the Reagan Era’s “Just Say No” war on drugs campaign. It was a really delicate task trying to show [Gary Webb] being right, but also being flawed. I wanted to have a very subjective manner about this man. I think there are a lot of pitfalls; we did not want this to be a soapbox movie. Webb alleged that the CIA was aware of dealers smuggling cocaine into the US and was using the profits to arm rebels in Nicaragua. As a father, I’m going to make it very difficult for her to find a man. Thematically, that’s why I loved it, because it’s sort of a David and Goliath [story]. He was ousted from a job he loved most, and that’s what ruined him. I’ve never seen it with an audience before so I think I’ll stay and watch it at the screening in DC. Back to our meeting this morning: As Don Draper flees the scene, Renner smiles and shrugs, explaining that his table was being bothered by some very aggressive women, who were sending over drinks and desserts with notes that said things like, “We want to be your dessert.” The dark and smarmy side of Hollywood.The dessert assault prompted the hotel to situate a security guard around the boys’ table. It’s easy to point the finger: It’s the government, or the paper. The oxygen mask she had to wear day and night by this point was irritating her scalp, but she couldn't lift a finger, never mind her arm, to reach up and relieve it.

Fortunately, she never lost her ability to talk to us and share a meal – unlike many patients, who have to be fed through a tube and communicate through a voice machine – although the breathing apparatus she needed at the end didn't make it easy.

And then Taylor responded with his own song for “Sarah, the stalker chick,” complete with an jaw-droppingly awesome falsetto.

It’s quintessential Hollywood: meeting an A-lister for an interview at the iconic and discreet Chateau Marmont over some gluten-free, organic green juice. assignation and interrupt Jeremy Renner in the midst of a goodbye with a bearded Jon Hamm. I am referring to the events of the previous night when I saw Renner in Bar Marmont with fellow actors Vince Vaughn and Sam Rockwell.

All four actors are talented and established professional vocalists and performers.

Hanauer and Dunn teach voice at the high school and college levels, Blanchette was part of Ocean State Theatre’s well-reviewed take on soundtrack(! Their uber-entertaining performances were supported by pianist Bob Logan and stage, lights and sound supervisor Christian O’Brien.