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If I had the $$$ I'd order dozens of these to send to some of the peoples I came up with in my hometown, the monsters I shared nightmares with. The actors, writer, and director did a magnificent job in portraying the reality of life's ills.

I'm thankful the Lord's redeemed me and that I see passed those darker years of my life.

But perhaps no one involved in the sport has ever been more in the limelight than UFC President Dana White, who has created a reputation for himself as being not only one of the most honest, but also one of the most foul-mouthed businesspeople on the planet.

White’s personality is a strong one, which demands respect.

But he also holds those around him to a high standard of integrity.

Many of those who lived up to the expectations the UFC president set for them have become celebrities (and some even millionaires), but those who have crossed the boss have found themselves feeling like a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

Give us this day our daily protein, and forgive us our fats, As we forgive those who eat fat too.

Our Arnold, whose arms are heavy, Vascular be thy veins Nine sets of lunges, ten reps be done, To add girth as it is to strengthen.

I believe oxy morons is a great depiction of the epidemic that is still currently plagueing our communities - considering im a recovering addict and have first hand seen how opiate addiction can destroy families , friends and lives all together i concider it a must watch - i give it 4 stars which is fair - great acting from all primary roles involved -Good film, however considering the realistic context and subject matter more could have been accomplished in regards to character and subplot development.

He was subbed by Mir in a weird bent-arm lock where Tim's arm snapped, and he was half KO-ed when Arlovski heel-hooked him.

I think he can survive for awhile on the ground against Monson.

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