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Fairytale party is coming and our Ellie isn't prepared. The spring is here and Tinkerbell wants to get a fresh look and she came to your fairy beauty salon for that.Do you want to help her to have a perfect look at this meeting? Choose one of the face paintings and see how Tinkerbell looks . We all know fairies have important jobs, the tooth fairy, Christmas fairies and flower fairies.At her lowest ebb, Zarina aligns herself with the pirates of Skull Island led by handsome and charming cabin boy, James (Tom Hiddleston).

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All games and descriptions copyright © to their respective owners. This website is only for entertaining purpose only.She must to have a fairytale look starting with her dress to makeup. Your day is about to get magical in this Barbie superhero fairy game as you will join her on a trip through lots of obstacles and by the end of it you will learn how the fairy dust actually works. Every princess fairy likes to be pampered and with this fairy princess spa and dress up game you can easily make your own fairy princess feel relaxed and calm for her big day out by taking her to t... We never enjoy those times when we lose a tooth or get one taken out. You should be aware of the importance of your role in this dress up game because without you this cute fairy princess would not be able to look amazing. Long ago, in the enchanted forest of the fairies, a magical butterfly sought out the leader of the fairies in an attempt to join forces. This is all brought by our Summer Fairy Princess who uses has magical powers to bring the warm season to you. After attending the fancy ball and party, the prince is looking for all of the girls in the countryside to droop and allow him to see if their foot fits in the glass slipper. Cute little fairy, Baby Jasmine went to a kids fair to spread her magic. Using only magic and hard work they keep our beautiful world running. Fairies are my favorite creatures in the whole world.But as long as that tooth fairy is dishing out cash for teeth, we'll be okay with it. Ever since, the beautiful fairies of these lands are born w... Every adorable young lady dreams about being a fairy at least once in her life.They are such beautiful and noble creatures, that it is almost ...The tooth fairy lives in a world where she just really loves teeth.