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She said: "The thing that changed everything for me was becoming sexually happy.

"I'd not been for years, but then I was with a partner who was sensitive and who listened.

Her most iconic role as Samantha in Sex and the City followed her hilarious quest to stay youthful.

“I’m getting better; I’ve learnt to listen well,” she said.“You know within three seconds if you’re going to have a history with someone – it’s a long half-hour if you’ve got it wrong.” The star has been married three times before, to Larry Davis, Andre J.Lyson and Mark Levinson, with whom she co-wrote the 2002 book Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm.Carrie's friend poor painter Barkley, a serial 'modelizer', treats models as things and secretly videotapes his sex with them; Sam sees him as a challenge for her as superior non-model, and even insists to be taped.Stanford introduces Carrie to his friend and best client, gorgeous underwear-model Derek ' The Bone', who actually asks to stay the night with her and is even more shy and lonely then mortals who crave models, wanting to become a cop in his Iowa home town.